God Guarding Us

Moon, Venus and Jupiter

Moon, Venus and Jupiter (Photo credit: harshanm)

A mother and her four-year-old daughter were preparing to retire for the night. The child was afraid of the dark and the mother, all alone with the child, was fearful herself. When the light was out, the child got a glimpse of the moon outside the window. “Mommy,” she asked, “is the moon God‘s light?”

“Yes,” said the mother, “and God’s lights are always shining.”

The next question was, “Will God put out His light and go to sleep too?”

“No, my child. God never goes to sleep.”

Then out of the simplicity of a child’s faith, the little one said something which reassured the fearful mother, “Well,’ she said, “as long as God is awake, I am not afraid.”

As poets and psalmists have said: “The Lord is in His heavens, and all’s well with the earth.”

— after William Barclay

A Quaint Prayer

Praying Gopher

On a wall near the cathedral of Chester, England, hangs this very practical prayer:

Give me a good digestion, Lord,

And something to digest.

Give me a healthy body, Lord,

With sense to keep it at its best.

Give me a healthy mind, Good Lord,

To keep the good and pure in sight,

Which, seeing sin, is not appalled,

But finds a way to set it right.

Give me a mind that is not bored,

That does not whimper, whine, or sigh;

Don’t let me worry overmuch,

About the fussy thing called “I”.

Give me a sense of humor, Lord,

Give me the grace to see a joke,

To get some pleasure out of life,

And pass it on to other folk.

— Keep Smiling

Forgiveness Heals

Meadows at Allimore Green.

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A girl was being treated for several months for anemia but without any success. So her doctor decided to send her to a sanatorium faraway.

The first thing she got there, she underwent a thorough physical examination. And the examining doctor found her blood count to be completely normal. The referring doctor double-checked it and could not believe his eyes. So he called in the girl and asked her, “Has anything out of the ordinary happened in your life since your last visit?”

“Yes,” she admitted. “Suddenly I was able to forgive someone against whom I have borne a  nasty grudge all my life. At that moment, I felt completely changed inside.”

So now the doctor knew the answer. Her mental attitude had changed, and the very state of her blood had changed with it.

Being angry at someone can be stupid, because the other person might not even be aware of it. So, the only one being harmed is ourself.

after William Barclay

Where Are You, Lord?

Church of the Nativity of Our Lady (in front) ...

The parish priest in a town named Austerity climbed way up into the church’s steeple to be nearer to the Lord. He wanted to hand down God‘s word to his parishioners, like Moses of old. Then one day he thought he really heard God say something.

So he cried aloud from the steeple, “Where are You, Lord? I can’t seem to hear Your voice clearly.”

And the Lord replied, “I’m down here among My people. Where are you?”

— Brewer Mattocks

Once, on being asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, Jesus replied, “The coming of the kingdom of God is not something that can be observed, nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is in your midst.” (Luke 17: 20-21)

Do we have a tendency to restrict God? Do we view Him as just ‘up there in Heaven‘, or in church, or strongly felt on Sundays only? Remember that God is among us, in the midst of us, always and everywhere.. and whatever we do for the least of our brothers, we do for God.

Let the Children Come

Jesus is considered by scholars such as Weber ...

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The Gospel story about the mothers bringing their children to Jesus to be blessed, tells the kind of person he was. Children would go to him. That is no small compliment. Many big men scare children away.

A famous preacher once said that no one could be a follower of Jesus is the children were afraid to play at his door,

To Jesus no one was unimportant. The apostles were saying, just as some people nowadays would, “They’re only kids; don’t bother about them.”

But Jesus would never follow that advice. No one was ever a nuisance to Jesus. He was never too tired… or too busy. You did not need a ticket to see him. You did not have to go through the proper channels.

How many people have been lost to the cause of Christ forever because clergymen turned them away? They had come at meal time… They had not taken the trouble to make an appointment… This was the pastor’s day off…

Having time for people is the best compliment which we can pay them. That was Christ’s secret weapon.

— after William Barclay

Faultfinding Repaid


Image by Barbour via Flickr

There is a story about a young artist who had a genius for finding fault with others. He could immediately detect any weakness in them.

One night, he had a dream. He saw himself on a barren road, struggling beneath a heavy burden. He cried out in pain as he tried to support it. He complained out loud, “What is this weight that I must carry? And why must I carry it?”

From nowhere he seemed to hear, “It is the weight of the faults which you have found in others. Why do you complain? You were the one who discovered them, so shouldn’t they belong to you now?”

— Maurice Masterlinck

Treasure in Heaven

Gold Guilder

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A wealthy man lay on his deathbed. His entire life had been centered around money. As his life ebbed away, he presumed that in the afterlife, money would also be everything. So he gave orders that a purse filled with gold coins be placed inside his casket along with his body. His last wish was carried out.

In the next world it took the bookkeepers a long time to find his name in any of the good books. In fact, it took so long that he got very hungry and thirsty just waiting. He looked around and sure enough, he saw an attractive eatery not far away. “Aha,” he said to himself, “it’s just like I thought. It’s a good thing that brought some money along with me.”

His mouth was already watering as he approached the restaurant. But before he sat down to eat, he was told that the money he had brought along had no value now. In fact, only money that was of any value now was the money he had given away on earth. The rich man dropped his head in deep thought, but could not remember having given any money away.. So now he had none.

As an Englishman of another stripe let his tombstone explain:

“What I spent I had.

What I kept I lost.

What I gave I have.”

— partly after Leo Tolstoy

Ten Steps to Success in Work

Work area

First: Don’t get the idea that you are Atlas, carrying the world on your shoulder. The world would go on even without you. Don’t take yourself so seriously.

Second: Tell yourself that you like your work. Then it will become a pleasure, not a drudgery. Perhaps you do not need to change your job. Change yourself, and your work will seem different.

Third: Plan your work – work your plan. Lack of system produces that “I’m swamped” feeling.

Fourth: Don’t try to do everything at once. That is why time is spread out. Operate on that wise advice from the Bible, “This one thing I do.”

Fifth: Get a correct mental attitude. Think a job is hard, and you will make it hard. Think it is easy, and it will tend to become so.

Sixth: Become an expert in your work. It is always easier to do a thing right.

Seventh: Practice being relaxed. Easy always does it. Don’t press or strain.

Eighth: Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today. It only makes tomorrow’s job harder. It piles up on you. Keep your work on schedule.

Ninth: At the start of every day, pray about your work. You will get some of your best ideas that way.

Tenth: Take along your “unseen Partner”. It is surprising, the load He will take off you. God is as much at home in offices and shops as in churches. He knows more about your business than you do.

— Gems of Thought

What is Salvation?

a catholic cross

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Longfellow could take a sheet of paper, write a poem on it and make it worth sixty thousand dollars. That is talent.

Rockefeller could sign a piece of paper and make it worth a million. That is capital.

Uncle Sam can take an ounce of gold and stamp an eagle on it and make it worth $40. That is money.

A mechanic can take material worth five dollars and make it into an article worth $50. That is skill.

A merchant can buy an article for 8o cents, put it on his counter and sell it for a dollar. That is business.

God can take a worthless sinful life, wash it, cleanse it, put His Holy Spirit within it – and make it a blessing to all humanity. That is salvation.

— Sunshine

Rash Judgement

“Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.” (Matthew 7 : 1-5)

Bishop Potter of New York was sailing for Europe. As he went aboard the large ocean liner, he found that another passenger was to share the cabin with him. After looking over his quarters, he went back to the purser’s desk and asked if he could leave his gold watch and other valuables in the ship’s safe. He explained that ordinarily, he never did this sort of thing but he had been to the cabin and had met the man who would occupy the other bed, and judging from his appearance, he was afraid that he might not be a very trustworthy person.

The purser accepted the responsibility of caring for the valuables and remarked, “It’s all right, Bishop. I’ll be very glad to take care of them for you. The other man has just been up here and deposited all his valuables for the same reason.”

— Sunday School Times