A New Year Resolution is Like an Egg

Photo taken by me. The egg was removed from a ...

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A poor lady found an egg, called her three children together, and told them, “Children, from now on we’ll have nothing to worry about. See, I have found an egg.. and here is what we’re going to do with it. We are not going to eat it, but put it under our neighbor’s hen and it will hatch out into a little chick.

And we won’t eat that little chick either. She’ll grow up, lay eggs, and hatch them. Then we’ll have plenty of eggs chickens and plenty of eggs.

But we won’t eat either the chickens or the eggs; we’ll sell them and buy a calf. We’ll raise the calf into a cow. Then the cow will have many calves and soon we’ll have a herd of cows. We’ll sell the cows and buy a farm… then we’ll keep buying and selling, buying and selling…”

The lady was speaking with so much excitement, that she dropped the egg on the floor…

Many new year resolutions are like that: people dream up a lot of ideal promises but many of them never even last until January the second. They are like that broken egg…


— Willi Hoffsuemmer