Hot Dogs for Christmas

Hot dog icon

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One Christmas eve a prosperous businessman was hurrying to the butcher shop before closing time. “Are you buying your Christmas roast?” a friend asked.

“No. Only hot dogs,” he answered.

The he explained that long ago, a bank failure had completely wiped out his fortune. He faced Christmas with not job, no money for gifts, and less than a dollar for food. He and his wife and small daughter said grace before dinner that year and then ate a Christmas dinner of hot dogs. His wife had decorated each of them, giving them toothpicks for legs and broom straws for tails and whiskers. Their little girl was delighted and her radiant joy spread to all of them.

After dinner they gave thanks again for the most loving and festive time they had ever had together.

“Now it’s a tradition,” said the once again prosperous man. “Hot dogs for Christmas – they remind us of that happy day when we realized that we still had one another and our God-given sense of humor.”

— Tony Castle

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