Drawsko Pomorski (Dramburg) in Polen (Poland):...

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An artist who made stained glass windows was approached by a young apprentice who had been studying under him for some time. He asked the master if he might have the privilege of borrowing some of his tools.

“Why do you want my tools, son?” asked the master.

“Oh, I just want to use them to see if they will make any difference in the work I do.”

A week later the master visited the young artist in his studio and then asked him, “Well, son, how are you doing with my tools?”

“Not so well, master. In fact, my work is no better now than when I was using my own tools.” And the young man looked disappointed.

A gray-haired professional overhearing the conversation between the craftsman and the apprentice, said to the young man, “Son, it’s not the tools of the master that you need. You need his spirit.”


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