Forgiveness Heals

Meadows at Allimore Green.

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A girl was being treated for several months for anemia but without any success. So her doctor decided to send her to a sanatorium faraway.

The first thing she got there, she underwent a thorough physical examination. And the examining doctor found her blood count to be completely normal. The referring doctor double-checked it and could not believe his eyes. So he called in the girl and asked her, “Has anything out of the ordinary happened in your life since your last visit?”

“Yes,” she admitted. “Suddenly I was able to forgive someone against whom I have borne a  nasty grudge all my life. At that moment, I felt completely changed inside.”

So now the doctor knew the answer. Her mental attitude had changed, and the very state of her blood had changed with it.

Being angry at someone can be stupid, because the other person might not even be aware of it. So, the only one being harmed is ourself.

after William Barclay


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