Let the Children Come

Jesus is considered by scholars such as Weber ...

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The Gospel story about the mothers bringing their children to Jesus to be blessed, tells the kind of person he was. Children would go to him. That is no small compliment. Many big men scare children away.

A famous preacher once said that no one could be a follower of Jesus is the children were afraid to play at his door,

To Jesus no one was unimportant. The apostles were saying, just as some people nowadays would, “They’re only kids; don’t bother about them.”

But Jesus would never follow that advice. No one was ever a nuisance to Jesus. He was never too tired… or too busy. You did not need a ticket to see him. You did not have to go through the proper channels.

How many people have been lost to the cause of Christ forever because clergymen turned them away? They had come at meal time… They had not taken the trouble to make an appointment… This was the pastor’s day off…

Having time for people is the best compliment which we can pay them. That was Christ’s secret weapon.

— after William Barclay


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