Training by Example

Albert Schweitzer, 1952

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The famous actor Charles Coburn tells this story on himself.

“As a boy, I fell in love with the theatre and since there were no movies in those days, I went around to all the live shows I could find. My father warned me, ‘One thing, son, you must never do. You must never go to those peep shows that feature naked women.’

Of course, I asked why.

And he said, ‘Because you would see things you shouldn’t see.’

That settled it. The next time I got enough money, I went straight to a peep show.

My father was right. I saw something I shouldn’t have seen: my father!”


Albert Schweitzer is known all over the world as a theologian, a philosopher, a medical doctor, and a musician; but most of all, as a dedicated missionary who spent more than 50 years nursing lepers in the jungles of Lambarene in West Africa.

Once when he was on home leave back in Europe, some of his relatives asked him for some advice on the best way to raise children. Schweitzer did not launch out into a long explanation. His answer cut and dried, short and simple and, therefore, all the more convincing.

“So you want to know the best way of raising children?,” he said. “Well, first by good example. Second, by good example. Third, by good example.”


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