Whiners and Losers

After a devastating shipwreck, a sailor was washed ashore in an uninhabited island in the middle of the ocean. He is the sole survivor. He gathered some wood and leaves and made a hut for his shelter. He also stored his food in the hut. Day and night he prayed and waited for someone to rescue him but no one came. One day, lightning struck his hut and the hut, along with all the supplies inside, burned to the ground. He was so angry, he said, “God, why have you done this to me?”

The next day, rescuers came. He asked, “How did you know I’m here?” They replied, “We saw a smoke signal.”

Ouch! Did that hit home? Like the sailor in the story, I’ll be the first to admit that on most days, it is soooo much easier to whine and complain when unfortunate events happen in my life. My initial reaction is usually, “God, why me? How could you let this happen?”. How about you?

I like this short story because it reminds me that God’s plans are always greater than my own. We need to trust Him when unfortunate events happen in our lives. Maybe the next time life throws us a curve ball, instead of whining, “Why me?”, we should ask God to help us see what we can learn from it. 🙂


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