Glee Season 2 Episode 17 – A Night of Neglect


Will: Classroom to classroom, door to door, we pushed this stuff like crack and so will we.

Will: We just need to sell more taffy.

Artie: Britney was the only person we could find on short notice. We bribed her with Dots.

Sue: Terry schuester, shrew.

Terry: I’m also an assistant manager.

Sandy: You’re hunky and I’m what they call predatory gay.

Sue: We’ll target their fragile sense of self-esteem.

Sue: the league of doom

Sue: Sandy how do you manage to enter a building without setting off all of the fire alarms?

Rachel: You are a terrible spy!

Artie: Really, with your size, you could’ve stayed in the air vents for days.

Sunshine: I’m such a better singer than everyone else so I know how it feels. I’m all alone at the top. Also, I’m really short. So, even when I’m with a group of people, it feels like I’m wandering alone through a forest.

Puck: I say we give her a chance. You owe her, Rachel. You sent her to a freaking crack house!

Holly: I am both awesome and unavailable at the same time.

Rachel: Can you tell us the definition of a neglected artist?

Will: Someone whose brilliance isn’t always appreciated

Rachel: Someone like me.

Rachel: You don’t understand. Celine [Dion] isn’t a neglected artist. I am.

Lauren: You’re always singing about R.E.S.P.E.C.T. but respect isn’t something you can ask for, you have to demand it.

Emma: At what age are you allowed to look back on your life with nothing but regret?

Will: One day you’re going to find a way to beat this thing. Until then, I’m here for you. No judgment.

Rachel: Stars make demands the way babies make messes in their diapers.

Holly: I had giant hands so a lot of people thought I was a hermaphrodite but that wasn’t true. Other people said that I was a Nazi sympathizer, that was true.

Holly: Tomorrow we’re going to do Catherine the Great and her pet stallion friend so come early!

Dustin: Those aren’t eggs in those fallopian tubes. They’re priceless pearls.

Dustin: This hairline is 85% my own and my sperm count is off the charts.

Dustin: Let me tell you something about Will Schuester. That guy has tiny baby hands. Seriously, it’s weird. Once I saw him try and pick up a Big Mac, he couldn’t do it. He had to eat it layer by layer. Teeny, tiny, wee baby hands.

Will: They’re big enough to knock your teeth out.

Jacob: My curly hair in Cairo twitter account helped bring down Mubarak. Technology has allowed us to be brutally cruel without suffering any consequences.

Holly: I spent three years sending hate mail to Debbie Gibson until she wrote me back and said the stress of my letters was giving her alopecia.

Holly: Why don’t you turn some of that jeering into cheering?

Dave Karofsky: I think I can take a couple of queers and a girl.

Mercedes: I just don’t get it, why are you a bigger star than me?

Sandy: You just got poked. Poked by the Pink Dagger.

Rachel: That’s the problem. I would rather be a star than be liked.

Blaine: (to Sandy) You’re a horrible person.

Sandy: You sound like my court-appointed therapist.

Sue: Now get back in there and question the whole purpose of art education.

Holly: I told you, Will. I live the glamorous life of a substitute teacher. No commitments.

Sandy: It’s drug money. But it’s actually a nice way of laundering it.

Sandy: Aretha’s my kryptonite.

Sue: In my hour of need, Honey Badger, I come to you. Your time has come.


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