Everything I Needed to Know, I Learned in… Facebook?

I’ve always been a late bloomer and when it comes to technology and new trends, I’m pretty much in the same category. When I learned about Facebook and finally joined, many of my friends and old classmates were already bona fide members. Facebook proved true to its promise of letting me connect with old classmates, schoolmates, and a lot of people whom I’ve lost touch with. With just a click of a button, I got updates on my friend’s lives: who’s going out with who, who’s already married, who already has a family, where they are residing now, etc. etc. But as years went by, I notice that Facebook has been serving some very different purposes for some people. What has initially been a social site for connecting with people has seem to become.. well, a site for exercising egotism and narcissistic tendencies. Here are just a few of the things people seem to have learned from Facebook:

#1: give and take
Children have always been taught to be generous; to share. Give and take in Facebook has a different twist, however. For the young people especially, it seems to be in the form of “like my profile pic, I’ll like yours”. No wonder a lot of their profile pictures, however mundane or ordinary, gets almost hundreds of likes. Their friends are just paying back the favor.
Also, I have witnessed photo comments such as:
Girl#1: OMG! You’re so pretty!
Girl#2: What?! No, YOU’RE pretty!
Girl#1: Girlfriend, you’re way prettier than I am!
Girl#2: No, you’re prettier!
And so on and so forth…
Nothing wrong with liking something or making positive comments, just make sure you’re doing it sincerely and for the right reasons rather than just merely to pay back the favor or so that in the future, they’ll like yours also.
#2: privacy is so out
I really don’t get why if you have something to talk about, you have to do it by writing back and forth on each other’s walls or by conversing using the comments part. I mean, there’s the phone, there’s email, there are mobile phones, there’s private messaging.. can’t you use any of these tools to talk to each other? Why subject everybody else to a conversation that’s supposed to be just among yourselves? It’s like being in a restaurant and having a conversation at the top of your lungs.
#3: stalkers have it easy
I once saw this episode in Criminal Minds wherein the serial killer used Facebook to stalk his next prey and eventually, kill them. Wanna know what all the victims had in common? They were the ones who used Facebook to inform everyone where they are and what they’re doing minute by minute. The killer pretty much didn’t have to do anything… hey, everything’s already there for the taking. He just had to be at the right place at the right time. I think people who like to inform everyone of their whereabouts should have watched this episode.
I just don’t see the point of why someone would have to inform us all the time of where they are and what they’re doing. It’s just plain nonsense. Also, we really don’t need to know what you had for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, midnight snack, dessert, etc. etc. It’s soooo annoying.
#4: self-esteem = number of likes on my posts
Young people (and even adults) seem to get their boosts of self-confidence nowadays by how “popular” they are on Facebook. It’s like, “Hey look, no matter what I post here, people keep on liking it. Everyone loves me!” And they get so used to the attention that should it decrease, they start begging people to like or comment on their posts.
#5: like = thank you
Let us never forget the two most important phrases in the English language – “thank you” and “please”. I know, I know. We’re busy, we have lots of things to do, we have responsibilities, and so on. But when people greet you on your birthday or congratulate you on something, remember, these people took time to let you know that they remember you. The least we can do is to thank them properly. How long would it take to write a thank you to the hundreds of people who greeted you? I’d say, 30 minutes, max. There’s copy and paste. It’s not like you have to type it over and over again.
Technology is wonderful; it makes life easier. But we shouldn’t sacrifice good old-fashioned values for the sake of convenience. Right?
Ok, I’ll sign off here. By the way, I wrote this post while sitting at my kitchen table eating chips and watching TV. I “like” you very much for reading this post! Hahaha.. 🙂

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