My top two favorite quotes from Glee Season 1

#1 “When you really believe in yourself, you don’t need to put other people down.” — Quinn

Yes, I do firmly believe that people who really know who and what they are have no need to talk trash about other people. Just take a look around you.. who are the people who like to put others down? They’re the insecure ones. Maybe some of them are not very apparent, but believe me, if a person likes to bad-mouth others, it’s because deep down they feel small and unworthy. Like I once told my students, everybody is entitled to his/her opinions, but there is a way of making your opinions known without having to be mean about it. Like, say,  you prefer University A over University B. When people ask you why you chose University A, there are two options on how to answer this: 1) You can simply talk everything that you love about University A, without any need of mentioning University B  2) You state everything that you dislike about Univesity B. Most people seem to opt for Option #2. Perhaps we should rethink of the way we think and speak. Practice expressing our opinions without having to put down others.

#2 “Being a man is all about one thing – guts.” – Will’s dad

Ok, at first glance, some of you might disagree.. but let’s digress this statement. Guts is not just about having the balls to jump off a bridge, or to run naked down the street. Guts, according to a dictionary, is having courage when it really matters. I think this is what Will’s dad meant when he said this. So, guys, it’s not about being “macho” and doing silly stuff just to prove you have balls.. it’s a deeper kind of courage – it’s courage that’s combined with heart and intelligence. And I hope I end up with this kind of man someday. 🙂