‘The Hobbit’ is a Must-Read!

“The Hobbit” is J.R.R. Tolkien’s prequel to the famous “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. This book chronicles the life and journey of Bilbo Baggins. It sheds light on why Bilbo went on his infamous journey and how the One Ring eventually came to his possession. Readers get to enjoy Tolkien’s masterful storytelling style, as he weaves you in his magical world of Middle-Earth. From trolls, dwarves, wizards, to dragons, each page will have you breathless with excitement. The story flows in a faster pace as compared to the LOTR trilogy. If you’re someone who’s still unsure how to go about Tolkien’s works, I think this is the best book for you to test the waters. If you enjoy this book, most probably you will also enjoy Tolkien’s other works. If not, then either try again, or maybe you’re just not cut out for Tolkien. Watch out also for the upcoming movie version of “The Hobbit”. I’m sure it will be another superb blockbuster! 🙂


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