The Curious Case of …

“My name is Benjamin Button, and I was born under unusual circumstances. While everyone else was agin’, I was gettin’ younger… all alone.”

Adapted from the 1920s story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, this film depicts the life of man who was born in his eighties and ages backwards. Set in New Orleans at the end of World War I in 1918 to the 21st century, this character-driven story takes us on the journey of Benjamin Button’s not-so-ordinary life. From the places he discovers along the way, to the fascinating characters that gave color to his existence, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” shows us that family, friendship, sacrifice, and love can exceed the boundaries of time.

This film was so heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time that by the end of it, I was an emotional wreck. The beautifully written dialogues will simply take your breath away. Powerful performances by Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett made the story come alive. It gracefully shows us a love that survives extraordinary circumstances.. and the grave sacrifices people can make for it. Real love transcends sagging skin, wrinkles, graying hair.. it transcends wetting the bed, acne, or acting childish.

Daisy: Would you still love me if I were old and saggy?
Benjamin Button: Would you still love ME if I were young and had acne? When I’m afraid of what’s under the bed? Or if I end up wetting the bed?

It’s not just the man who ages backwards who is unique. Everyone has their own special something that they impart to others. “Along the way you bump into people who make a dent on your life. Some people get struck by lightning. Some are born to sit by a river. Some have an ear for music. Some are artists. Some swim the English Channel. Some know buttons. Some know Shakespeare. Some are mothers. And some people can dance.”


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