First Major Shocker for American Idol Season 9

American Idol Season 9 finally has its first major shocker.

For the past few weeks, Wednesday night result shows were pretty much predictable, not really offering much surprise in the viewers’ choice of eliminated contestants. This week, however, the predictability factor was turned askew as, for the first time this season, three male contestants were sent to the bottom three – Andrew Garcia, Aaron Kelly, and Michael Lynche. Kelly was immediately sent back to the safety of the couch, leaving Garcia and Lynche at the bottom two. At this point, the more sensible choice of the eliminated contestant would have been Garcia, as Lynche has been a favorite since his audition for AI. Big surprise, then, when Seacrest announced that the person with the lowest number of votes is Michael Lynche. Lynche then proceeded to sing for the save, choosing Maxwell’s rendition of Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work”, his best number for the season so far. In another dramatic twist, the judges unanimously decided to use the save on Michael Lynche. So, it’s a happy ending for American Idol this week – but not for two contestants next week, as, due to Lynche’s save, two contestants will be voted off on next week’s results show.


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